Specialization MCAT Test Prep
Age 26
What Social media sites do you use? Facebook
How many social networking sites do you use? 3
How much time do you spend on social media sites? 30min
Do you use social networking sites through your mobile phone? Yes
You use social media primarily for? Downloading music/video Uploading music/video Posting photos
Do you think social media sites are changing your habits in anyway? Yes
Do you think social media sites improve your knowledge about a product, service or organization? Yes
Do you have more friends on social networking sites as compared to real life? Yes
Do you prefer to express your ideas and feelings on social networking sites? Yes
Do you think social networking sites are affecting the way you speak or write in your everyday life? Yes
What kind of language do you prefer to use while surfing on social networking sites? Formal
Do you think social networking sites affect your study timings? Yes
Do you think social networking sites can be an effective tool for e-learning? Yes
Do you think social networking sites are more effective in communicating with your teachers than in actual class? Yes
Do you think social networking sites help you with your home work? Yes
What kind of communities do you subscribe to on social networking sites? Entertainment
Do you ever find any information regarding your career or academic interests on social networking sites? Yes
Do you think social networking sites can be improved in any way as a tool for learning?
MCAT Test Prep
Would you prefer using Facebook rather than Twitter , why ?
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