KASIT program prepared me to practice information technology careers and research professionally and ethically. Strongly agree
My KASIT degree helped me to find a job opportunity or to be accepted in a higher degree program. Strongly agree
After my graduation, I configured out that KASIT was able to conduct a high quality program and research that comply with the Jordanian job market requirements. Strongly agree
The education that I attained during my study at KASIT was useful in my career life. Strongly agree
KASIT coursework helped me to develop my programming skills. That helped me to hunt a job opportunity or to be successful in my after-graduation career or research. Strongly agree
KASIT education helped me to develop my research and communication skills that I found them very important after my graduation. Strongly agree
The graduation project that I did at KASIT was really a good starting point for my future career, research, or study. It also improved my teamwork skills. Strongly agree
In case that I would like to continue my graduate studies, KASIT program is  a good foundation for any relevant future degree. Strongly agree
During my study, KASIT was able to provide me with an appropriate educational and research environment and facilities. Strongly agree
After my graduation, I found that the following courses that I took at KASIT were the most import in my career, research, or study.
After my graduation, I found that the following events, training sessions, or projects that I participated in during my stay at KASIT were useful in my after-graduation life, career, or study.
As a KASIT alumni, I deem that my following comments are necessary to develop KASIT's programs, research,  and educational environment.
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