KASIT program prepared me to practice information technology careers and research professionally and ethically. Agree
My KASIT degree helped me to find a job opportunity or to be accepted in a higher degree program. Agree
After my graduation, I configured out that KASIT was able to conduct a high quality program and research that comply with the Jordanian job market requirements. Agree
The education that I attained during my study at KASIT was useful in my career life. Agree
KASIT coursework helped me to develop my programming skills. That helped me to hunt a job opportunity or to be successful in my after-graduation career or research. Agree
KASIT education helped me to develop my research and communication skills that I found them very important after my graduation. Agree
The graduation project that I did at KASIT was really a good starting point for my future career, research, or study. It also improved my teamwork skills. Agree
In case that I would like to continue my graduate studies, KASIT program is  a good foundation for any relevant future degree. Agree
During my study, KASIT was able to provide me with an appropriate educational and research environment and facilities. Agree
After my graduation, I found that the following courses that I took at KASIT were the most import in my career, research, or study.
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After my graduation, I found that the following events, training sessions, or projects that I participated in during my stay at KASIT were useful in my after-graduation life, career, or study.
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As a KASIT alumni, I deem that my following comments are necessary to develop KASIT's programs, research,  and educational environment.
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