King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

MSc. in E-Government / Facilities and laboratories

1.    Two video conference rooms
data show and white board.
2.    R-Lab
Equipped with 25 PCs, data show and white board.
3.    Samsung Lab
Equipped with 41 laptops, Samsung's latest Smart TV, printers and various models of smart phones and tablet PCs.
4.    E-Learning Lab
Equipped with 25 laptops connected to internet and distance learning device with a smart projector.
5.    Programming Lab
(17 labs)
Each Lab is equipped with 40 PCs, data show and white board.
6.    Library
Books & periodicals of computer science.
7.    servers
1 oracle server, 1 file server , 3 servers for research