King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

MSc. of Information Systems / Teaching and Learning Methods

Ø Teaching & Learning Methods

Development of the learning outcomes is promoted through the following teaching and learning methods:
Teaching (T) Methods:
•Each course has a class contact of 3 hours per week. Each course will be delivered using different means like lectures, presentations, and discussions.
•Lecture notes, exams (midterm and final), assignments, research projects, presentations, and projects reports are designed to achieve the course goals and objectives.
Learning (L) Methods:
•Students should read the assigned topics before class, and participate in class.
•Students are responsible for all material covered in the class.
•Students can communicate with instructor regarding any concerns or issues related to course material by either in class, course web page, phone or email.
•The web page ( is a primary communication vehicle. Lecture notes, presentations and syllabus are available on the web.