King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems / Tools and Equipment

King Abdullah School for Information Technology has seven photocopiers and 110 printers distributed to labs and staff members offices. All faculty members of the CIS department have private offices in the second floor, which allow them to meet in private with students who have requested appointments. All administrative and faculty offices are equipped with wired and wireless Internet connections and telephones. In the department's office, there is a high-speed printer (CSPRO EP4000) that allows faculty members to copy exams, quizzes, or teaching materials (i.e. handouts) for class distribution. However, the Department encourages faculty members to post any handouts on our e-Learning Management System on which every course being taught on each term is provided with a course site and the students enrolled into the course site are kept in synch with the e-Learning Management System. Each faculty member has a mailbox where he or she can get any message, assignments or reports. Mailboxes located at the department office. Each student, once enrolled, is provided with a university-administered e-mail, which allows authenticated e-mail communication. Moreover, each student is provided with a user-id and password to access the registration and enrollment as well as the e-Learning systems.


Robotics Lab