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  King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - Department of Information Technology

   Study PlanProgram
BSc. Business Information Technology 2022Bachelor of Business Information Technology../StudyPlans/BIT_ENGLISH_2022.pdf
BSc. Business Information Technology-2015Bachelor of Business Information Technology../StudyPlans/BIT_plan_2015-En.pdf
Masters in E-Government - Comprehensive ExamMSc. in E-Government../StudyPlans/MSc E-Government - Non_Thesis - EN-2016.pdf
Masters in E-Government - ThesisMSc. in E-Government../StudyPlans/MSc E-Government - Thesis - EN-2016.pdf
Masters in Web Intelligence - Comprehensive ExamMSc. of Web Intelligence../StudyPlans/MSc_WI_NonThesis_EN-2015.pdf
Masters in Web Intelligence - ThesisMSc. of Web Intelligence../StudyPlans/MSc_WI_Thesis_EN-2015.pdf