King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

  Department of Computer Science

Block chain TechnologyBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Certified Software
Computer Architecture & Assembly language
1911231_Computer Architecture and Assembly Language.pdf    
Computer Networks-2
1901461COMPUTER NETWORKS-2.pdf    
Computer SecurityBachelor Of Computer Science
1901463COMPUTER SECURITY.pdf    
Computer Systems PerformanceBachelor Of Computer Science
1901446-Computer Systems Performance.pdf    
Data Sciences Bachelor Of Computer Science Not Upload
Data Structures -1Bachelor Of Computer Science; Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
1901233-Data Structures-1.pdf    
Data Structures-1 Lab
1901235_Data Structure-1 Lab.pdf    
Digital Forensics Bachelor Of Computer Science Not Upload
Digital Forensics - LabBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Distributed Systems Bachelor Of Computer Science
1901466Distributed Systems.pdf    
Formal Compiling Methods Not Upload
Graph Theory
1901443_Graph Theory.pdf    
Information VisualizationBachelor Of Computer Science
1901457Information Visualization.pdf    
Logic DesignBachelor Of Computer Science
1901204-Logic Design.pdf    
Mobile Wireless Networks
1901469Mobile Wireless Networks.pdf    
Multimedia NetworkingBachelor Of Computer Science Not Upload
Network SecurityBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Operating Systems
901473_Operating Systems.pdf    
Parallel Processing
1901464Parallel Processing.pdf    
Penetration Testing and Ethical HackingBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Principles of StatisticsBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Programming For Cybersecurity
1911211_Programming for Cyber Security.pdf    
Programming Languages Design and ImplementationBachelor Of Computer Science
1901471_Programming Languages Design and Implementation.pdf    
Programming Techniques in Special LanguagesBachelor Of Computer Science
1901239-Programming Techniques in Special Languages.pdf    
Project-1Bachelor Of Computer Science Not Upload
Security CertificatesBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Security Management & AuditingBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Security OperationsBachelor Of Cyber Security Not Upload
Security Risk Management and Ethics
1911221_Security Risk management and Ethics.pdf    
System Programming and ManagementBachelor Of Computer Science
Theory of AlgorithmsBachelor of Computer Information Systems; Bachelor of Business Information Technology; Bachelor Of Artificial Intelligence; Bachelor Of Cyber Security; Bachelor Of Data Science
TrainingBachelor Of Computer Science Not Upload
Advanced Methods in Modeling and Simulation
1901755_Advanced Methods in Modeling and Simulation.pdf    
Computer Network Security Not Upload
Digital Image Processing
1901757_Digital Image Processing.pdf    
Mobile Location Based Services (MLBS) Not Upload
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Programming Languages Design
Selected Topics in Computer Science Not Upload
Theory of AlgorithmsMSc. of Information Systems
1901715_Theory of Algorithms.pdf    
Wireless Networks Not Upload
1901902 Computer Algorithms
1901902_Computer Algorithms.pdf    
1901906 Computer Networks Not Upload
1901908 Network Systems Security
1901908_Network System Security.pdf    
1901917 Theory of Computation Not Upload
1901925 Parallel Processing Not Upload
1901935 Information Visualization Not Upload
1901999 PhD Thesis Not Upload