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King Abdullah II School for Information Technology (KASIT) was established in year 2000, with the directives of his Majesty King Abdullah II in the development of the IT sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Since that time, KASIT has been working hard to fulfill the royal decree and to be the best IT place that attracts and produces outstanding IT researchers and students. In addition, KASIT aims to qualify its students to be the finest representatives for the University of Jordan locally and internationally and to be the best proof of its efficiency and originality.


 To achieve its goals, KASIT has adopted a sustainable development plan that ensures the academic and the research process quality. It gives the top priority to the development of students' skills in academic and research areas and the requirements of the labor market as well as graduates follow-up. In addition, KASIT aims to utilize the cooperation with the various IT companies and institutions locally and internationally. It also stimulates the faculty members' research achievements and improves the its staff's skills. Also, KASIT continuously seeks to develop its programs and systems especially those that are related to e-learning. In addition, there is a continuous development for the laboratories, classrooms, and different facilities. It is worth mentioning that KASIT achievements did not confine only within its borders, but they stretched to contribute to the development of many of the services that benefit the colleges and the different departments of the university, especially in the areas of systems development, training, and e-learning.


 KASIT attained several academic and research achievements. For instance, in the area of ​​e-learning, KASIT designed and developed the (Moodle) system that is currently used by all the university's faculties. It also provides training and technical support for the system. In addition, KASIT has worked to modernize and develop the computerized examination programs for the whole university in addition to the ministries and the various governmental institutions. KASIT believes in its students abilities to develop electronic systems in various fields. Whereupon, KASIT faculty members supervise the graduation projects that qualify to be translated into the real world. In the field of students' skills development, KASIT continuously organize seminars, workshops that help students to acquire different skills and learn what is new in the job market. In the field of scientific research, KASIT  organizes research seminars and meetings for both students and faculty members in order to promote research skills and achievements. To learn more about KASIT's research achievements, please visit "facts and figures".