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Important - Procedures of requesting an alternative course

Dear Students
Please be informed about the procedures for  requesting an alternative course​:
1.  Student submit the “form of studying an alternative course of student expected to graduate” Form, available at the department of admission and registration, and “requesting an alternative course Form (EXC-01-15-01).docx” Form to the department chair before the start of registration
2. The department chair, in consultation with the coordinator of the course that the student wishes to replace, nominates an alternative course. An alternative course must meet the following conditions:
                 i. The alternative course for the obligatory course is another obligatory course related to the student’s specialization.
                ii. The student is allowed to take an alternative course for an elective course from other departments in the case that an elective course is not available in the student’s department.
                iii. The learning outcomes of the alternative course must be similar to the learning outcomes of the replaced course by no less than 70%.
                iv. The description of the alternative course must be at least 70% similar to the description of the replaced course.