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Training Courses from JoCodes

In collaboration with Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the Crown Prince Foundation and Udacity, we are excited to introduce JoCodes Program; a three state-of-the-art online digital courses targeting university students (18 – 24 years old) 

The courses we are introducing as follows:


Android Kotlin Development Fundamentals: This comprehensive course is tailored to equip university students, with essential skills for Android app development using Kotlin, preparing them for the dynamic world of mobile technology.


Web Programming Fundamentals: Focusing on the core aspects of web development, this course enables students to build dynamic and responsive websites, a crucial skill in today's digital landscape.


Data Science Fundamentals: Offering an in-depth exploration of data analytics, machine learning, and data-driven decision-making, this course is perfect for students aspiring to delve into the world of data science.


The courses will begin in February 2024, each course is designed to span 6 to 7 weeks, ensuring a thorough understanding of the topics. The courses include engaging content, quizzes, practical assignments, and real-world projects. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion, co-branded with Modee, CPF, and Udacity, enhancing their professional portfolio.

The registration will be open from today and will close by the 24th of February. And sessions will begin on 25th of Feb.

​Registration through this link

or by scanning the QR code below:

more details in the attached file

JoCodes- English V.pdf