Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science

Microsoft Innovation Center in Jordan is glad to offer you the opportunity to acquire the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science.

Why Data Science?
Data scientist, a person with the ability to capture and analyze the exponential amount of data and solve real-world data problems, is one of today’s hottest jobs that companies are looking to hire.
Why to join the program?
Enrolling in the 10-course program offered and being certified enables you to get the real-world knowledge and hands-on-experience that the employer is looking for.
How to apply?
For interested candidates, please submit your CV to no later thanMarch 26th, 2017.
The certification will be offered to applicants who completed during a three-month period  from April 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2017:
  • The 9 courses modules,
  • The corresponding assessments,
and submit the last course’s final project between June 15th, 2017 and July 21st, 2017 deadline
Microsoft Innovation Center will offer free vouchers to the participants.
No prerequisites to apply to the program, however a background in related topics will certainly help.
For more details about the program, visit this link.
Best regards,
Iman Naimi