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Bachelor Of Cyber Security / Program Details

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BSc in Cyber Security

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King Abdullah II for Information Technology


Computer Science

Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:

Computer Information Systems

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Mode of Attendance ) e.g., full time):

Full Time

Duration of the Program:

Four years

Credit hours/ contact hours:

132 hours

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Entrance Requirements:


According to the regulations of ministry of higher education in Jordan, no student with an average less than 65%, in the scientific branch of the Jordanian General High School Exam (JGHSE), or its equivalent exams abroad, is admitted in science programs; such as computer science, computer information systems, business information technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. JGHSE is a national examination administered by the ministry of education (MoE) and it is locally called “Tawjihi”. Students are admitted to the CS department according to their JGHSE exam score.


Two tracks of admission are available: the competition-based "regular" track and the noncompetition “parallel" track. Regular track is essentially for Jordanian students who have high grades, either in the JGHSE or in its equivalent exams abroad. In this case, students apply through a central admission committee, which coordinates unified admission to all Jordanian public universities. The admission is done on a competitive basis. Students with the higher JGHSE scores will be given priority in admission. Records show that the majority of accepted students in CS program are on this track, with a JGHSE score above 89% in the past ten years.


In the "parallel" track, admission requirement is also a minimum of 65% score in JGHSE or equivalent, where the students apply directly to the university. Student selection and admission to this track is also competitive based on the JGHSE score or its equivalent and university’s standards. After admission, students from both tracks attend the same classes, have the same exams and get the same certifications. The only difference between the two tracks is that the parallel track has higher fees than the regular track. Nevertheless, in both tracks the admission is done on a competitive basis. Students with the higher grades will be given priority in admission

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December 2022

Program Director:

Dr. Heba Saadeh

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