King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

Bachelor Of Artificial Intelligence / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:
Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential part in everyday technologies and it will revolutionize the way we live and work in the years to come. AI is concerned with giving computers human-like abilities such as sight, learning, conversation and creativity.
The Artificial intelligence program offers courses which include machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, human-machine interactions and collectives, cognition and human modelling, data science, robotics, augmented reality, graphics, computer vision and imaging, audio-visual signal processing, natural language processing and affective computing.
AI is a popular program to enrol because there is a growing jobs market for AI.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
The Artificial Intelligence program aspires to deliver the skills, knowledge and insights to be well recognized at the national, regional and international levels, and to join the global community of AI workers in all domains. 
Ø Mission statements of the program:
The Artificial Intelligence program is committed to serving students and society through the provision of high quality education and the required skills that is in high demand from industry.
Ø Program Aims:
The aim of the program is to prepare graduates with the following:
  • Ability to impact the performance of organizations through the successful practice of artificial intelligence.
  • Ability to analyse, design, implement and apply artificial intelligence solutions and services
  • Leadership and teamwork skills in multidisciplinary contexts.
  • Flexibility to change and update their skills through continuous learning.
  • Ability to develop new technologies ethically and responsibly to better serve humanity.