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Program Specifications

MSc. of Web Intelligence / Program Details

Program Title:
MSc. of Web Intelligence
Program Code:
Level of Study:
Final Qualification:
King Abdullah II for Information Technology
Information Technology
Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Mode of Attendance)e.g., full time):
Full Time / Part Time
Duration of the Program:
2 years
Credit hours/ contact hours:
33 hours
Language of Instruction:
Entrance Requirements:
Admission in this program is for IT and Engineering graduates holding a Bachelor’s degree in (ordered as follow):
     1.    Business Information System.
     2.    Business Information Technology.
     3.    Computer Science.
     4.    Computer Information System.
     5.    Computer Engineering.
     6.    Software Engineering.
     7.    Computer Networks.
     8.    Computer Graphics and Animation.
     9.    Any other Information Technology related degrees.
Program regulations:
 Conform to the regulations of the general frame of the programs of graduate studies.
No. of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of Production:
Date of Revision:
Program Director:
Prof. Omar Al-Kadi
ext. 22622