King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

MSc. of Information Systems / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

Information Systems (IS) is one of the most important fields in information and computer technology. IS is considered a bridge between computer science specializations and organizational and administrative fields, whereby a student gains knowledge and acquires skills necessary to analysing, designing, developing and operating information systems and utilizing them in any type of public or private organizations.
The Master of Science in Information Systems has two tacks: Thesis and non-thesis.
Bachelor degree in one of the following areas:
•Computer Science (CS)
•Computer Networks
•Computer Information Systems (CIS)
•Software Engineering
•Business Information Systems (BIS)/Business Information Technology (BIT)
•Computer Engineering
•Information Technology
Ø Vision statements of the program:
To prepare qualified students for professional success in modern and emerging areas on Computer Information Systems to respond swiftly to the challenges of the labor market.
Ø Mission statements of the program:
To create, share, and apply knowledge in Information Systems to educate students to be successful researchers, life-long learners and effective problem-solvers to be prepared to tackle complex twenty-first century challenges and respond positively to the requirements of the labor market.
​Ø Program Aims:
-        To prepare graduate students to design, develop, maintain and manage the information systems to support the IT sector at all levels.
-        To develop and implement the most contemporary education and research program by closely monitoring innovations in this field.
-        To be recognized as pioneer in IS implementations in cooperation with the industry.
-        To help students to excel and produce state-of-the-art research that competes with their peers nationally and globally.