King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

Bachelor of Business Information Technology / Program Educational Objectives

​ ​​


Graduates have met the rigorous competitive admission procedure and international/local market requirements by showing high qualifications, advanced training, independent learners, and capability of teamwork in BIT disciplines.


Graduates have obtained research skills to pursue their professional careers while fulfilling the need for professional instructors, lecturers, researchers and developers in BIT market.


Graduates have established relationships with different local/international institutes by participating different professional activities, i.e. lectures, seminars, conferences, among other possible forms of collaborations.


Graduates have become familiar with different work-related concepts, e.g. different job titles related to courses, core courses related to a specific job, major skills required to apply for a certain position, among others.


Graduates have demonstrated the ability to understand and apply ethical and security considerations to problems in information technology environment.​