King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan -

Program Specifications

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems / Program Learning Outcome Mapping Matrix



SO 5 SO 4 SO 3 SO 2




Course name and no

            Course Name Course No
        X X Object Oriented Programming 1902110
  X   X X X Computing Ethics and Documentation 1902203
        X X Advanced Java Programming 1902214
        X X Database Management Systems 1902224
X   X X   X Information Systems and Applications 1902225
  X     X X Mobile Development Frameworks 1902310
  X X   X X Advanced Databases 1902323
        X X Database Technologies and Application 1902324
X   X     X Health Informatics 1902325
X   X X    

Information and Knowledge Management


X X     X X Intelligent Information Systems 1902327
  X   X X X Multimedia 1902351
  X     X X Human Computer Interaction 1902353
  X X   X   Computer Assisted Learning 1902355
X   X   X X Software Engineering 1902372
  X   X X X User Interface/Experience Design



X   X   X X Business Process Re-engineering 1902381
X       X X Development and Operations (DevOps) 1902382
  X X X   X Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1902383
  X   X X X Advanced Multimedia 1902450
        X X Digital Image Processing 1902454
        X X Certified Software 1902356
    X   X X Geographical Information Systems 1902459
X   X   X X Advanced Software Engineering 1902472
  X   X X X Systems Analysis and Design 1902474
X X         Project Management 1902478
X   X   X   Information Systems Audit and Quality Assurance 1902479
        X X Game Engines Design 1902480
            Seminar-Road to Software Industry 1902390
        X X Special Topics 1902494
  X   X X X Project-1 1902496
X X X X X X Project-2 1902497
  X X X X X Training 1902498