MSc. of Information Systems
Program Description :Our graduate program (MSc in Computer information Systems) offers the MS degree in both thesis and comprehensive exam tracks. It provides the student with breadth and depth knowledge in the various IS fields and builds the required skills for MS graduate upon the IEEE/ACM standard for the degree. Our study plan builds the common and specific skills recommended including: the core knowledge in IS, data management and warehousing, decision-making, IT management, project management, system analysis, and other research skills including the scientific approach of conducting scientific research. We offer many advanced classes including : databases, software engineering, artificial intelligence, software design, software verification and validation, machine learning, natural language processing, multimedia, information security, image processing, geographical IS, and many other advanced courses that usually are accompanied with research methodology learning and research paper writing. To obtain the MSc degree, the student should complete 33 credit hours, nine of which are for the thesis credits (thesis track). Good standing MSc degree holders are highly qualified to start the PhD in the various computer sciences fields. They are also highly qualified for many industry positions including, but not limited to, system administration, database management, system analysis, project management, software development, software designing, applicable problem solving including machine intelligence approaches.
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Computer Information Systems

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