MSc. of Computer Science
Program Description :Computer Science field is one of the most important fields in Information Technology. It includes many areas, Such as: Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Theory of Programming Languages, Image processing computational Intelligence, and Database Management Systems. The Master Program aims to provide specialized studies in various computer science areas. It encourages theoretical and applied researches in computer science fields in order to allow graduates students to excel in their professional life. In this respect, the master program in Computer Science covers the major topics in Computer Science to provide the type of student with high quality above. We believe that the department must serve a wide spectrum of students, which will undoubtedly be coming with varying backgrounds. For this reason, this program has been stretched out to cover most of the important areas of computer science: Such as Computer Networks, Distributed System, Parallel Computing, Image processing, Database systems, Algorithms, and Programming Languages.
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Computer Science

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