Bachelor Of Artificial Intelligence
Program Description :The Artificial Intelligence Program is considered one of the leading and modern programs that provides growing career opportunities to keep matching with future changes. The Artificial Intelligence program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to employ computers in carrying out work that simulates human mental abilities and patterns of work, such as learning, conversation and creativity, by offering various courses that include machine learning and neural networks, knowledge representation and inference, human-machine interactions, cognition and human modeling, and data science, robotics, augmented reality, graphics, computer vision, imaging, audio-visual signal processing, and natural language processing. The Artificial Intelligence program provides insight into all areas of artificial intelligence, from artificial intelligence theories and methodologies to practical programming skills. The program focuses on real-world applications of artificial intelligence. The graduate of the Artificial Intelligence program is expected to acquire various knowledge and skills such as the ability to analyze data, build models and smart systems, process natural languages, process sounds and images, measure the performance of machine learning systems, how to work and design robots, and other types of knowledge.
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department :Artificial Intelligence

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