Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
Program Description :Our undergraduate program (BSc in Computer information Systems) includes the four IS body of knowledge upon the IEEE/ACM standard for the degree: fundamentals, information technology, organizational and management concepts, and theory and development of systems. Our department offers many fundamental and senior undergraduate classes. We offer many programming classes with application of programming concepts, object-oriented, and visual programming. Furthermore, we offer senior classes including databases, software engineering, system analysis, artificial intelligence, image processing, multimedia, geographical IS, machine learning, and other special topics. Our undergraduate program plan includes many other courses from both the department of computer science and business IS that collectively empower the student with concrete knowledge in IS and its applications. Our BSc degree includes 132 credit hours upon a flexible plan including a set of core obligatory courses, a set of variable optional courses, and a set of general literatures courses. Our students holding BSc in CIS are expected to work in the industry in various related fields including, but not limited to, system administration, database management, system analysis, project management, software development, software designing, applicable problem solving including machine intelligence approaches. Good standing BSc degree holders are qualified for graduate study at both MSc and PhD levels in computer science and related fields.
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department :Computer Information Systems

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