King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan - Mobile Location Based Services (MLBS)

  King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - Department of Computer Science

( Mobile Location Based Services (MLBS))
Course Description :

​MLBS applications: usage area, taxonomy, privacy, marketing; The development of MLBS: performance considerations; Navigation systems: spatial database, gateway services, route determination location utility services,…; MLBS and data management: middleware for MLBS protocol, content modeling, update management, linear referencing; MLBS interoperability and standards; MLBS data collection: satellite positioning systems, indoor positioning systems, network-based positioning; MLBS data transmission in Mobile communication systems: cellular-based mobile, wireless local area networks, ad-hoc networking, and service discovery. ​

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Department :Computer Science
Program :MSc. of Computer Science
Course Level :Master
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