Calculus I
Course Description :
Functions: domain, operations on functions, graphs of functions; trigonometric functions; limits: meaning of a limit, computational techniques, limits at infinity, infinite limits; continuity; limits and continuity of trigonometric functions; the derivative: techniques of differentiation, derivatives of trigonometric functions; the chain rule; implicit differentiation; differentials; Roll’s Theorem; the mean value theorem; the extended mean value theorem; L’Hopital’s rule; increasing and decreasing functions; concavity; maximum and minimum values of a function; graphs of functions including rational functions (asymptotes) and functions with vertical tangents (cusps); antiderivatives; the indefinite integral; the definite integral; the fundamental theorem of calculus ; the area under a curve; the area between two curves; transcendental functions: inverse functions, logarithmic and exponential functions; derivatives and integrals; limits (the indeterminate forms); hyperbolic functions and their inverses; inverse trigonometric functions.

Department :Computer Science
Program :Bachelor Of Cyber Security
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :

King Abdullah II School of Information Technology
Department of Computer Science


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