King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan - Project 1 1914496

  King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - Department of Information Technology

( Project 1 1914496 )
Course Description :
This project provides a unique opportunity for students in Data Science program to apply their knowledge of the foundations, theory and methods of data science to address data driven problems in industry, government and the non-profit sector and other areas. The course activities focus on a two semester-length project sponsored by a local organization if available. Typically, three or four students work together as a team on each capstone project. Each team is supervised by a faculty mentor and projects typically progress through the following phases which is the first stage of the capstone project: Background and problem definition, Data wrangling, munging and cleaning, and Exploratory Data Analysis. Requirements for completion include submission of a significant project report at the end of each stage which should be delivered to the department and the supervisor.

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Department :Information Technology
Program :Bachelor Of Data Science
Course Level :Bachelor
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