Artificial Intelligence
Course Description :

​One of the central concerns of Artificial Intelligence is the design and implementation of intelligent/autonomous agents – intelligent entities that perceive their environment, reason, plan and execute appropriate actions to achieve their goals and have social abilities that allow them to communicate and interact with other agents.

The field of Knowledge Representation (KR) lies at the intersection of (at least) Artificial Intelligence and Information Management. KR is the attempt to provide rich representations of the world that supports building programs that are sensitive to the world via these representations. KR has been used to build expert and diagnostic systems, speech recognizers, games, automated planners, etc. and is the foundation of the Semantic Web which is an attempt to remake the World Wide Web so that the content is accessible not only to human beings, but to sophisticated artificial agents.

Students are expected to acquire a good understanding of the logical foundations of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning as well as to become familiar with current research trends in the field.

In this course, we will explore various formalisms for KR primarily focusing on classical first order logic and logics that depart from first order logic, such as defeasible (nonmonotonic) logic and/or description logic. Furthermore, we discuss logic formalisms which are designed for representing and reasoning about dynamical domains such as the situation calculus.

This course touches on logical models of agency, agent communication languages, multi-agent protocols and issues in agent architecture such as reasoning about action and planning.

Department :Computer Information Systems
Program :Doctor of Philosophy In Computer Science
Course Level :Doctorate
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King Abdullah II School of Information Technology
Department of Computer Information Systems
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