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( Information Systems Innovation and New Technology)
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This course is to introduce students to new and innovative technologies and examine how these powerful systems have fundamentally reshaped modern organizations. These new information technologies are being used to change how organizations operate, produce products and services, and communicate both internally and as well as with external partners. Using online collaborative technologies that were developed in the context of social networking and online communities and data-driven and Artificial Intelligence technologies, corporations are reengineering both internal business processes and those related to customers, suppliers, and business partners. Developing innovative ways to communicate and collaborate can lead to new business opportunities and new efficiencies. This course investigates the technologies, methods, and practices of developing new innovations such as online communities, data revolution, and the Artificial Intelligence paradigms to reengineer business processes and develop innovative, value-adding, and sustainable business activities within existing corporations and new start-ups. The students will learn how to translate innovative, data-driven, and AI ideas into concrete project requirements, develop technological solutions, launch a business venture, and assess its effectiveness. Delivery will combine traditional lectures with other active teaching methodologies. A case study of innovative Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) is selected for discussion throughout the course to highlight basic concepts of innovative HCIS project development. Students are advised to develop innovative solutions for simple problems in HCIS.
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Department :Computer Information Systems
Program :Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
Course Level :Bachelor
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