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( Fundamentals of Information Technology )
Course Description :
This course will introduce the fundamental knowledge of information technologies and it works as an introductory course for computer-related courses. It is a combination between a theoretical and a practical course. In particular, the course provides students a grounding knowledge on several areas of information technologies including cutting edge technologies, careers in IT, basic concepts of cloud computing and web technologies, and a general perceptive of project management. Students are also going to be introduced practically to hardware maintenance, software diagnostics and technical support. In addition, critical thinking methodologies and techniques will be discussed, including numbering systems, flowcharts and related case studies. Operating systems such as LINUX/UNIX with, memory allocation, and an introduction to networks and security, and block chain concepts. The final part is concerned with technical applications needed such as excel, advanced excel, technical writing, report generating and type writing.
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Department :Information Technology
Program :Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Course Level :Bachelor
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