King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - The University of Jordan - Computer Security

  King Abdullah II School of Information Technology - Department of Computer Science

( Computer Security)
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This course explains Security protocols, authentication protocols, data integrity, digital signatures, intrusion detection, key management and distribution, viruses and other malicious codes, information flow, mobile code and agent security. Cryptographic algorithms: Secret Key Encryption (DES), Public Key Encryption (RSA), Message Digest Algorithm (MD5); Attacks and countermeasures: Packet sniffing, Spoofing and denial of service; Application layer security: HTTPS, secure email; Transport layer security: TLS, SSL; Network layer security: IP security (IPSec), AH protocol, ESP protocol; access control and Firewalls: Filter-based firewalls, Proxy-based firewalls; wireless networks security, security in IEEE 802.11, WEP protocol, EAP protocol

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Department :Computer Science
Program :Bachelor Of Computer Science
Course Level :Bachelor
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