Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Department

10/23/2022 2:50 PM
The department aspires to become a leader in academic education, research and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science at the national, regional and global levels.
10/23/2022 3:02 PM
The department looks forward for preparing graduates with a high degree of excellence in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science to supply the local market with competencies capable of employing the acquired knowledge in a creative and innovative way to meet the needs of society.
10/23/2022 3:03 PM
The Department of Artificial Intelligence aims to: -Providing the community with theoretically and practically qualified graduates with distinguished skills in the field of developing artificial intelligence systems and data processing and enabling them to compete by engaging in the labor market effectively in the public and private sectors, to meet the national needs in this field. -Providing the local community with individuals capable of innovation, creativity and scientific research to cover the urgent need for specialists, developers and researchers to meet the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where big data processing and artificial intelligence are among the most important of these requirements. - Building solid bridges with national, regional and international organizations, and specialized companies to open technological development horizons and exchange experiences. - Participate in finding sustainable solutions based on artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to the most important national challenges and problems, through cooperation with relevant institutions. - Attracting students from different nationalities in the world and from different areas in Jordan to join the department, including those with special needs.

King Abdullah II School of Information Technology
Department of Artificial Intelligence
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