King Abdullah II School of Information Technology
"Where You Can Find The Best Information Technology Environment"
Eman Ennab
  Said :When I first stepped into KASIT, I wasn't aware of the things awaiting me. All sorts of things; the good and bad, were the stones that honed my character in mere four years. It wasn't just the windows and doors opened for me; but my great colleagues, my wise teachers, and each and every staff worker I have come across; all of them and more things than I can mention in a few lines have become a source of warmth in my heart. They mean a lot to me, so much that the steps I walk into the same doors I did four years ago are becoming heavier and heavier every time I think is last. Saying goodbye to my wonderful faculty is more nostalgic than simple words can describe; it has truly become a second home. I'm going to terribly miss those days. I already do.