Strategy of Computer Information Systems Department

6/6/2012 1:20 PM
Our Vision
The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department aspires to become well recognized in the area of computer information systems education and research at the national, regional and international levels.
6/6/2012 1:20 PM
Our Objectives

The undergraduate Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Computer Information Systems department are listed below

1- Providing the society with qualified and well-trained graduates with a wide range of transferable skills in computing, system development and performing research, enabling them to function effectively in the public and private sectors to meet the needs of Jordan and the region in the several fields of computer information systems.

2- Enable graduates to demonstrate the ability to understand and apply ethical and security considerations to problems in an information systems environment.

3- Enable graduates to demonstrate professional leadership skills through effective written, visual and oral communication skills.

4- Producing graduates who are able to contribute effectively as members of systems development teams. (collaboration)

5- Qualify graduates to recognize the need to pursue continued learning through their professional careers.


The Student Outcomes (SOs) of the CIS program at the University of Jordan are as follows:

• Knowledge and Understanding:

- Demonstrating the skills in the areas of computing theory and its applications in various fields of life.
- Possessing research skills that would qualify them to do scientific research and pursue higher studies locally or internationally.
- Understanding and accommodating the theoretical and applied skills required in the labor market.
- Understanding and analyzing the social impacts of information systems on world communities and realizing the responsibilities they have towards their organizations and societies.

• Intellectual Analytical and Cognitive Skills:

- Demonstrating high logical, mathematical, programming, and analytical skills.
- Be able to apply a systematic and scientific approach to define problems, understand inputs, gather and analyze system requirements, design, implement, test, and evaluate information systems that meet user requirements.
- Demonstrating adequate oral, vision and written expertise, good interpersonal communication skills, and professional practices.

• Subject/ Specific/ Practical Skills:

- Demonstrating their ability of having the sufficient programming skills.
- Fulfilling and passing the graduation project requirements.
- Maintaining technical competency in the face of rapid changes in the field of Information Technology. And having the willingness and motivation to learn and improve their skills and knowledge to attain ongoing professional development and to keep up to date with IT sector development and labor market demands.

• Creativity /Transferable Key Skills:

- Being able to practice IT professions ethically and professionally, and with full awareness and commitment to legal, security, ethical and social issues and standards.
- Being able to involve in any system development project including system evaluation, support, delivery and management, with the willingness to learn new skills, and to improve knowledge.
- Being able to collaborate effectively with colleagues and respect team work in any academic, technical, or working environment.

6/19/2012 10:40 AM
Our Mission
The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department is committed to Serving students and society through distinctive education, creative research, and to participate in the fulfillment of the society needs.

King Abdullah II School of Information Technology
Department of Computer Information Systems
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